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Based on all of the information we are able to review and analyze, we want to make sure you are provided all of the options available to you. We believe this is a highly empowering process for our clients. Once we discuss options and provide recommendations, we want clients and their litigating attorneys to feel comfortable that they are making an informed decision. Once a plan of action is created, we implement it in a way that is guided by the client’s wishes and needs, not by anyone else. NDC Advisors believes that clients need to be comfortable and happy with those with whom they entrust their financial as well as personal success and works very hard to make sure that all of our clients enjoy this outcome.

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Our Account Administration Services

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At NDC Advisors, we provide comprehensive settlement planning and account administration services. Almost all of our accounts come from litigation recoveries. While this work is often done entirely in-house by banks or trust companies, the world of account administration is evolving and changing to meet the unique needs of injured and disabled people. In our experience, traditional banks and trust companies are often not well-equipped to deal with the types of issues faced by an injured person who is receiving a financial award following litigation. They can manage the money very efficiently and effectively but may be ill-equipped to address the needs of the client that are unrelated to financial management. They often do not have the capabilities and personnel to handle the level of professional service to address a family’s needs. Government benefits, education, transportation, housing and medical issues all have to be handled with the skill and professionalism that clients need and deserve.

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