Settlement Planning Services

Why Do I Need a Settlement Planner?

Going through the stress of litigation after a personal injury or other incident can take a toll on a client and his or her family. Recovering a settlement to help to cover expenses can make it easier to deal with the financial stress. However, that recovery may leave clients with a variety of concerns or questions about the steps they need to take to optimize their settlement, and it is here that many of the traditional account management or financial organizations fail to meet the needs of clients. At NDC Advisors, our account administration team is experienced with working with plaintiff and trust and estate attorneys, tax professionals, structured settlement brokers, and other professionals to provide individualized settlement planning.

Fact Specific Settlement Optimization

Our team has 50 years of combined experience working with families to optimize and plan accordingly after a recovery. This means that we have the skill and knowledge to investigate the various elements of the proposed settlement and work with a client’s legal team to ensure all bases are covered. Before we implement or suggest any plan, we ensure that all of a client’s goals and needs are considered.

  • A few reasons to consider settlement planning include:
  • Maximizing the options available prior to agreeing to any recovery or settlement
  • Understanding the various options available
  • Understanding current and future medical and financial needs
  • Helping to make sure that clients understand all of the information being presented

Start Settlement Planning Early

Planning is a proactive process that allows you to take steps to avoid problems in the future. This may include planning to maintain benefits or exploring options to expand benefits. Reviewing options for care that are available to you. Address life, health, safety, shelter and transportation requirements unique to you.

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