Account Administration Advisors

Handling Complex Settlement Trusts

Being involved in personal injury, wrongful death or other litigation will change your life forever. It can be extremely difficult to deal with the emotional and financial aftermath of these types of incidents. Obtaining a financial recovery can help, but it will never make things whole. At NDC Advisors, we understand; this is why we work hard to make sure that a client’s recovery puts in motion a better tomorrow.

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Putting the Pieces Back Together

A litigation recovery is the first step in what can be a complex series of events. Frequently, many client needs have been put on hold during the litigation process. Once clients reach the end of the litigation process, a new set of concerns must be addressed. This can include housing, transportation, medical equipment, caregivers, education assistance, debt repayment and recreational travel.

Also, with a recovery comes the possibility of being taken advantage of or pressure from friends and family to share in the benefits of a financial recovery. We can provide the services needed to protect recovery assets, create a plan tailored to a client’s particular and individual circumstances, reduce risks and work towards success, however “success” is defined by each client.

  • Our account administration can help with the following:
  • Developing a plan to address the client’s needs
  • Coordinating internal and external resources to meet goals
  • Handling communications and requests from family members.
  • Preventing unauthorized or unwelcome requests for funds
  • Serving as an unbiased advisor
  • Help to ensure that clients get needed care

Our Account Administrations Team Can Help

Our team approach to account administration provides the best services for our clients. A properly administered plan that takes advantage of all of the resources available provides the most opportunity for a successful outcome. The flexibility of our account administration also allows for changing circumstances in a person’s life or in the law. No one knows the unpredictability of life better than those we serve, as they and their families have experienced it first-hand. Our plans are always able to adapt to changes. Clients can rely on us to help coordinate the establishment of a customized plan that continues to meet our clients’ needs for years to come.