Settlement Protection Trust

Protecting the Assets of Your Settlement

Accomplishing current and long-term goals shouldn’t be difficult. With a Settlement Protection Trust administered by NDC Advisors, it isn’t. We handle the details while our clients start preparing for a better tomorrow. A Settlement Protection Trust provides the flexibility needed to protect financial recoveries while making sure that client needs are met.

We will work with our clients’ trust and estate attorneys to make sure that documents include special provisions regarding our clients’ goals and needs and to make sure that their concerns are addressed. Our experience can help make sure the provisions and flexibility are contained in documents that are specific to a client’s circumstances.

We have a genuine interest in helping clients and their families find peace in knowing that their account is protected. With an extensive knowledge of settlement planning and account administration, we have many tools available to use to our client's advantage.

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What Is Settlement Planning?

Settlement planning has to do with laws that are intended to help individuals secure and preserve the benefits that they have rightfully received from a personal injury settlement, inheritance, or judgment. Settlement planning can include different types of law, such as estate planning, financial planning, or special needs planning. The essential purpose of settlement planning is to help individuals resolve their claims, ensuring that their assets and benefits are protected and correctly managed. Settlement planning is especially beneficial for the following groups of people, and more.

  • Minors
  • Individuals receiving public benefits
  • Individuals with disabilities

What Is A Settlement Protection Trust?

A settlement protection trust (SPT) is responsible for managing personal injury settlements with a financial institution. It is essentially a Personal Injury Settlement Management Trust, and may also be used with a structured settlement annuity.

Why Use a Settlement Protection Trust?

Many people realize they need assistance with their settlement. This may be because they have never managed funds before, feel like they need protection from overspending or from those who may take advantage of them, need help purchasing a home or a car, obtaining appropriate modifications of a home or car, need help with caregivers, medical equipment or a whole host of other concerns one has when receiving a recovery.

Many of our clients, including those experiencing injuries and those who currently are not, find that the Settlement Protection Trust administered by NDC Advisors provides them with the peace of mind that their recovery will be protected to help them accomplish their goals.

  • A few examples of circumstances in which an SPT may be appropriate include:
  • A person not currently receiving government benefits but may qualify for them in the future
  • A minor receiving a recovery
  • Protecting and making sure that a wrongful death recovery achieves its intended goals
  • A recovery is being received by someone who may waste or abuse it
  • A person is worried about being susceptible to request for money from family or friends
  • The recipient may have addiction or mental health issues that make outright distribution of funds dangerous to them
  • The recipient has no experience with money, budgeting, and large purchases such as a home, vehicle, or similar items

Benefits of Settlement Protection Trusts

Man protecting assetsA Settlement Protection Trust can take many forms. It can serve as a place for a minor’s funds to grow and be protected until reaching 18 or possibly beyond. It can be created to assist a surviving spouse to help rebuild their lives. Below we list and discuss some of the ways that a settlement protection trust can help you secure and protect your future.

Benefits of a settlement protection trust include the following:

  • Protect your assets: A settlement protection trust will effectively protect and secure your assets. It can help protect assets from being used to enable unintended behavior such as substance abuse or be protected from an ex-spouse. Since the future is unknown, creating a plan which provides for maximum flexibility is important. A Settlement Protection Trust can be created to address your current concerns and adapt to what the future holds.
  • Expert Money Management: A settlement protection trust enables expert money management.
  • Structured Settlements: A settlement protection trust enables structured settlement. A Settlement Protection Trust can receive structured settlement annuity payments to make sure they are used for their intended purpose.
  • Expert Care Management: A settlement protection trust can help to arrange care management, including the modification of care when applicable.

To learn more about the many ways that a settlement trust can help protect you and your future. contact our account administration advisors today!

How to Protect Settlement Money With a Settlement Trust

To safeguard settlement money and ensure its long-term protection, individuals can rely on the expertise of NDC Advisors, who collaborate closely with attorneys and settlement planners. These professionals specialize in financial planning and investment strategies tailored to the unique needs of individuals who have received a settlement. By working alongside attorneys, NDC Advisors can gain a comprehensive understanding of the legal aspects and intricacies of the settlement. They utilize this knowledge to create customized financial plans that align with the individual's goals and risk tolerance. NDC Advisors also provide guidance on structured settlements, special needs trusts, and other financial tools designed to maximize the protection and growth of the settlement funds. Through their expertise and collaborative approach, NDC Advisors play a crucial role in helping individuals protect and grow their settlement money for the long term.

You will need to choose a trustee to manage the trust, fund the trust by transferring the settlement money into it, and follow the terms outlined in the trust agreement. It is important to regularly review and update the trust to ensure that it continues to meet your needs. By taking these steps, you can protect your settlement money and ensure that it is used to meet your needs over the long term. Our experience can help you, so contact our account administration advisors for assistance.

If you would like more information about our services and how our account administration advisors can help you with a Settlement Protection Trust, please contact NDC Advisors now at (888) 676-2055.