Our Team

  • Our Focus By changing the way accounts are managed, we are able to focus on one thing: Helping families improve their lives after suffering an injury or tragedy and enduring litigation.

  • Our Experience We understand the litigation environment and have become extremely familiar with types of challenges our clients face. We have the resources to combat these obstacles.

  • Our Philosophy We have always been grounded in providing individual, prompt, competent, and courteous client service – never just a generic or cookie-cutter advice.

Our Account Administration Team

NDC Advisors Is Committed to Helping Families & Individuals

Our team works every day to make a difference in the lives of our clients and their families. We know that money doesn’t change a person’s circumstances., The feeling that money cannot change the circumstances that arise following the onset of a disability, is universal to the people that we serve, whether it be their account was created after suffering an injury due to a workplace or car accident, to medical malpractice, to the wrongful death of a family member, or to some other circumstance resulting in a need to manage and protect financial assets and, in many cases, current or future eligibility for public benefits. However, using money as a tool to allow someone to reach their potential, whether it be walking again, becoming mobile, paying for education, or finding joy in a life that suffered tragedy, is the most rewarding part of what we do.

Specialists Doing a Specialist’s Job

We know that there is no “easy” case. Each client has their own unique circumstances, and there are many landmines one can encounter that may create a roadblock to the most positive outcome for the client. We find it is most important to familiarize ourselves with the circumstances faced by those we help and use this information to devise a plan that includes analysis of the client needs and appropriateness of incorporating all available settlement options and resources into the settlement plan.

NDC Advisors helps our clients, their attorneys, and their families to develop a plan that brings closure to the litigation process and opens up the future for the injured person. If needed, we bring in other professionals to assist with final settlement approval, document creation, court approvals and financial management of resources. We walk clients through the process of opening accounts, make sure that attorneys have the information they need for settlement and/or court processes and work with clients so that they understand how their account will be administered and how we can help them to begin their life after litigation.

Our experience means that almost nothing is a surprise and that we have built resources and partnerships for almost everything that comes up. Ultimately, the ability to rely on our in-house capabilities and network of resources saves time and money for the client.

Call (888) 676-2055 to speak with our account advisors at NDC Advisors. We are ready to help you and your family.

Providing Expert Insight
When You Need It Most

Based on all of the information we are able to review and analyze, we want to provide the options available to you. We believe this process is a highly empowering process for our clients. Once we explain your options and our opinions on each of them, we want you to feel comfortable making an informed decision. Once your plan of action is created, we implement it in a way that is guided by your desires, not by anyone else.