About Our Account Administration Team

Over 25 Years of Experience Helping Thousands of Clients

Our team has significant experience in the delivery of banking, financial and account administration services focused on clients who have reached a recovery through the litigation process. Our clients frequently have specific needs that differ from a traditional bank client. Whether a client needs assistance with medical equipment, therapies, care givers, real estate, modified transportation or education specialists, we have the resources to assist.

We have teamed with experienced corporate trustees that hold and invest assets in a manner they determine to minimize risk and provide returns based upon our client’s individual circumstances. NDC Advisors focuses on making sure our clients specific needs are met. We are there every step of the way.

To learn more about our team and how we can help, contact NDC Advisors online or by calling (888) 676-2055.

Experienced Account Administrators You Can Trust

At NDC Advisors, we like to say we are specialists doing a specialist’s job. Our focus for more than 25 years has been assisting attorneys, settlement planners, and plaintiffs or claimants who have been injured and are involved in the litigation process. We have seen and experienced many of the things they are going through.

For the plaintiff or claimant, we truly understand and empathize with their struggle and know that the resolution of their claim is the end of a long struggle. It should also be the beginning of a new life that has, in most cases, been lacking in almost every aspect since the onset of the injury or disability.

For the plaintiff attorney and settlement planners, making sure that clients are going to be taken care of, that cases get resolved quickly and correctly, and that financial recoveries from litigation are protected and will accomplish for their client what is intended are considerations that are of utmost importance. NDC Advisors is the only company whose service model matches the goals of all of the parties involved in the litigation.

Our experience means that almost nothing is a surprise; we have built resources and partnerships that enable us to find a solution for almost everything that comes up in a client’s life. Ultimately, the ability to rely on our in-house capabilities and network of resources saves time and money for the client.

Personalized Service for Your Unique Needs

Every circumstance can have many changing variables. This highlights our philosophy about client service: our experience helps us provide a level of client service excellence that is unsurpassed in the industry and allows us to consider each client individually, regardless of the complexities of that person’s particular situation.

  • Some of these complex variables can include:
  • Financial, medical, psychological, or personal issues
  • The severity of injury and the effects of disabilities on injured people and their family members
  • A family’s needs and circumstances
  • Geographical location or relocation considerations
  • Understanding a client’s short and long term goals
  • Being aware of any applicable laws that may impact a client’s account

There isn’t any one answer to any circumstance; NDC Advisors’ overall philosophy is that we view our role as an option provider. After a thorough review and analysis of the information in a case, we want to work with attorneys and any other advisors to help provide the best options that, based on our experiences, we believe are available. If we have provided our clients with all available options as well as given our professional recommendations on the optimal plan for that client, we feel like we have empowered the client to make the best decisions. Once a plan is created, we want to make sure it is implemented in a way that is guided by the client desires and not by anyone else.

We are ready to help. Contact our team online or call (888) 676-2055 to learn how we can assist you today.