Why Hire Our Account Administration Team?

Over 25 Years of Experience Working with Thousands of Families

NDC Advisors was created to do one thing: help families who have endured the litigation process to maximize their recovery. Our focus is client service and finding solutions for families. We created an experienced team including attorneys, nurses, social workers, and client service professionals that pools all of their resources to provide a one-stop shop for attorneys, plaintiffs and their families. Simply put, we help families put the pieces back together after their litigation ends and they receive a financial recovery.

What Does NDC Advisors DO?

We developed a unique way to administer accounts based upon our prior professional experiences with banks, trust companies, and financial advisors. We have seen the frustration that plaintiffs and their families often experience when working with account administrators in those more traditional environments. We strive daily to make sure that NDC Advisors clients have a vastly different outcome. The result for our clients, we believe, is the best of all worlds. While many financial institutions are well versed in wealth management, we found that there are few that understand the particular needs of plaintiffs and who specialize in helping families with recovery management, account administration, and the coordination of benefits and care in addition to wealth management. We like to say that our unique philosophy of client service along with our combined prior professional experiences have allowed us to develop a highly specialized system.

It allows a specialist to do a specialists job.

  • All of our clients benefit from:
  • Our understanding of your needs, abilities, and disabilities
  • Our dedication to helping you to accomplish your goals
  • Our combined years of professional and personal experience
  • Our unique perspective developed from helping thousands of families
  • Our ability to handle complex accounts

Our Goal is Account Administration That Puts Client Service First

NDC Advisors in-house capabilities combined with our network of experts, resources, and specialists helps our clients save time and money. To learn how we can assist with your current settlement planning goals, speak with NDC Advisors today.

Focus & Experience

Our staff has extensive experience working for banks and trust departments. Through this, we learned that there is a special relationship created when helping families move forward after litigation. Too many times, we have seen this relationship disrupted by personnel turnover, institutional changes, or other circumstances at a financial institution that had nothing to do with a client’s account. The changing environment of the banking world is a reality that has impacted many clients who have come to us after experiencing that world first-hand. By our team serving as the relationship coordinator, NDC Advisors can assure our clients that the relationships that we develop with them is not impacted by changes at a financial institution, a departing employee or the departure or reassignment of the financial advisors managing the portfolio. This key component of how NDC Advisors administers accounts helps set us apart from a traditional banks and trust companies; it allows us to focus on one thing: helping families improve their lives after an injury or tragedy and enduring litigation.

Since our focus is primarily on helping families following the successful outcome of litigation, we have become familiar with the initial and ongoing issues families face. We also understand that, while many things that clients face at the end of litigation are the same as all others, there are also many aspects to consider that are unique to that particular client. NDC Advisors has assembled a team that helps our clients put a plan together for their future. As we grow, we continue to add to our team of professionals in order to meet the needs of the families that we serve. Our experience gives us the resources and know how to offer solutions to even the most challenging client issues.

In our role as Distribution Director, NDC Advisors is an account administration company, and our focus is on client service. We pride ourselves on being able to work as a team with the families we serve to meet the needs of the beneficiary and help to enhance the quality of life and maximize the potential of the injured client. We strive to remain educated as the laws and regulations governing public benefits change so that we can better assist protecting benefits eligibility for those clients for whom this is important;, we partner with widely respected and reputable financial institutions that serve as trustees holding and managing the assets in the portfolio to make sure their investment philosophy protects account assets and manages risk effectively. Our entire approach to client service is based on the individual client’s needs and goals, never on a generic formula.

For prompt, courteous, efficient, and highly competent and capable service, contact NDC Advisors at (888) 676-2055 to discuss your situation.